Cheap Game Deals 2013 Avid gamers are looking

Cheap Game Deals 2013 Avid gamers are looking forward to the Sony PlayStation 4 which is set to be launched in November 2013. While the company already has a huge number of pre-orders to deal with, people are still looking for attractive PS4 deals so that they can buy the much awaited console at the best possible price, considering that they might have to pay a premium when compared to pre-order prices.

If you plan to buy the PS4 basic pack then you get the PlayStation 4 console, three cables (HDMI, USB charging and power), headset and the much in demand DualShock 4 wireless controller. All of this is available at around $399. Needless to say, while most retailers sell the Cheap Game Deals 2013 basic game console pack at the fixed price, some of them offer them at a discount. Another factor that varies is the cost of shipping which amounts to around $10, although this changes according to the retailer. Some bundles also come with an additional DualShock 4 controller. There is talk that the price might drop just Cheap Game Deals 2013 before the launch. However, certain retailers have committed to refund the difference to people who have paid the higher amount.